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Time Travel Theme Song-90sec.
Fred Flintstone Interview 1.06-2min.
***Noel Blanc promo-1min.
Noel Blanc Interview 2.24.06-60min.
(Noel is Mel Blanc's son...)
***Scott Shaw! promo-1min.
Scott Shaw! Interview 3.31.06-60min.
(HB Animator, Oddball Comics...)
***June Foray promo-1min.
June Foray Interview 4.28.06-60min.
(Rocket J. Squirrel, Natasha...)
***Joan Benny promo-1min.
Joan Benny Interview 5.26.06-60min.
(Joan is Jack Benny's daughter...)
***Joe Kubert promo-1min.
Joe Kubert Interview 6.30.06-60min.
(The Flash, Sgt. Rock...)
***Joe Bevilacqua promo-1min.
Joe Bevilacqua Interview 7.21.06-60min.)
Daws Butler historian...)
***Phil Vischer promo-1min.
Phil Vischer Interview 8.25.06-60min.
(Veggie Tales creator,Voice of Bob the Tomato...)
***Robert Sherman promo-1min.
Robert Sherman Interview-9.8.06-60min.
(Robert is the son of Allan Sherman...)
***Lara Parker promo-1min.
Lara Parker Interview 9.29.06-60min.
(Angelique on Dark Shadows...)
***Lee Mendelson promo-1min.
Lee Mendelson Interview 10.27.06-60min
(Peanuts and Garfield Producer...)
***Marty Krofft promo-1min.
Marty Krofft Interview 11.17.06-60min.
(Of Sid&Marty Krofft fame...)
***Chuck McCann promo-1min.
Chuck McCann Interview 12.15.06-60min.
(Legendary Comedian...)
***Eddie Carroll promo-1min.
Eddie Carroll Interview 12.22.06-60min.
(Jack Benny impersonator, Jiminy Cricket...)
***Jerry Beck promo-1min.
Jerry Beck Interview 1.26.07-60min.
(Animation historian, Cartoon Brew)
***Janet Waldo promo-1min.
Janet Waldo Interview 2.23.07-60min.
(Judy Jetson, Corliss Archer...)
***Alan Young promo-1min.
Alan Young Interview 3.16.07-60min.
(Mr.Ed, The Time Machine....)
***Mark Evanier promo-1min.
Mark Evanier Interview 4.13.07-60min.
(Pop culture historian, News From Me...)
***Joan Ganz Cooney promo-1min.
Joan Ganz Cooney Interview 5.18.07-60min.
(Creator of Sesame Street, Electric Company...)
***Rick Goldschmidt promo-1min.
Rick Goldschmidt Interview 6.8.07-60min
(Rankin Bass historian....)
***Bob Dorough promo-1min.
Bob Dorough Interview 6.22.07-60min.
(Of Schoolhouse Rock fame...)
***Buck Biggers promo-1min.
Buck Biggers Interview 7.27.07-60min.
(Creator of Underdog, Tennessee Tuxedo....)
***Carolyn Kelly promo-1min.
Carolyn Kelly Interview 8.24.07-60min.
(Daughter of Pogo creator, Walt Kelly...)
***Chas Butler promo-1min.
Chas Butler Interview 9.28.07-60min.
(Chas is Daws Butler's son)
***Ed McMahon promo-1min.
Ed McMahon Interview 10.18.07-60min.
(Of the legendary Tonight Show...)
***Spike Jones Jr. promo-1min.
Spike Jones Jr. Interview 11.8.07-60min.
(Spike Jr. is Spike Jones' son)
***Sam Cornell promo-1min.
Sam Cornell Interview 11.29.07-60min.
(Animator, director, theme park designer)
***Bob Hastings promo-1min.
Bob Hastings Interview 12.13.07-60min.
(McHale's Navy, All In the Family)
***Bill Dana promo-1min.
Bill Dana Interview 1.31.08-60min.
(Steve Allen Show, Jose Jimenez)
***Lucie Arnaz promo-1min.
Lucie Arnaz Interview 2.7.08-60min.
(Actress;daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz)
***Floyd Norman promo-1min.
Floyd Norman Interview 3.14.08-60min.
(Cartoonist for over 50 years;a Disney Legend)
***Jon Provost promo-1min.
Jon Provost Interview 4.25.08-60min.
(Legendary child actor and Lassie's best pal)
***Steve Rude promo-1min.
Steve Rude Interview 5.23.08-60min.
(The amazing comic book artist and painter)
***Peter Fernandez&Corinne Orr promo-1min.
Peter Fernandez&Corinne Orr Inter.6.6.08-60min.
(Peter "Speed Racer & Racer X" Fernandez
and Corinne "Trixie & Spritle" Orr)

***Our NEW TIME TRAVEL Radio Promo1***
***Our NEW TIME TRAVEL Radio Promo2***

***Roxanne Toser promo-1min.
Roxanne Toser Interview 8.14.10-60 min.
(Wacky Packs Retrospective)
Other Interviews/Retrospectives-The Front Porch/NTI:
Stan Freberg Retrospective-12.1.03 (Dan, Doc) Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3,
Pt.4, Pt.5
Paul Winchell Interview-3.26.04 (Dan, Doc) Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4
Mel Stuart Interview-director of the original Willy Wonka
Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Katie Leigh Interview-"Connie Kendell of Adv.'s In Odyssey"-
12.20.04 (Dan, Doc)
Loony Tunes Retrospective-3.23.05 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Pt.1, Pt.2,
Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt.6, Pt.7
Greg Maletic Interview:Tilt:The Battle to Save Pinball-2.6.07  
(Dan, Doc)
Greg Ehrbar Interview-Pt.1: Author of Mouse Tracks-The Story
of Walt Disney Records
-5.15.07 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Tom Casey Interview: Freedomland Amusement Park-historian
and expert-5.17.07 (Dan, Doc, Chuck)
Charles Ridgway Interview-Pt.1: Author of Spinning Disney's
-7.2.07 (Doc, Jeff)
Charles Ridgway Interview-Pt.2: - 8.9.07 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Greg Ehrbar Interview-Pt.2: 9.20.07 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Ron Dante Interview-"The Archies"-11.1.07 (Dan, Jeff, Doc)
Scott Shaw! Interview-"Captain Carrot is back!"-11.15.07
(Jeff, Doc)
More Interviews/Retrospectives:-
Jack Benny Retrospective-8.4.04 (Dan,Tina)
Mel Blanc Retrospective-1.5.05 (Dan,Tina)
Micky Dolenz Interview-9.7.06 (Dan)
Time Travel Promos: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
Time Travel Bumpers: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9,
#10, #11, #12, #13, #14
What do these guys think of Time Travel?
...click on them and find out.(thanks Noel!)
"Howdy Folks, Dan here...please email us with  
your thoughts on any of the above interviews     
...Hopefully you enjoyed them and I'd love to
get your feedback..."
Email:   dchollis68@yahoo.com
"There's something really special about TIME TRAVEL with Dan and Jeff. First of all, they "get it." They  
do their homework because they love the subject matter and lavish care and attention in sharing their
enthusiasm with their listeners. Yet their shows are far more than chats between fans overcome by their
inside knowledge. They respect their audience as well as their guests and make each show entertaining, --
even if the guest or subject might be outside the experience of the listener. I can vouch for that, because
I found myself listening to every show listed on their website."
-- Greg Ehrbar, Co-author,
Jeff and I at the October 2007 Friends Of Old Time Radio Convention here in New Jersey
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The Bill Dana Show starring Jose Jimenez!
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(L-R) Dan, Scott Shaw! and Jeff smiling in front of Scott's amazing,
eye-popping collection...Yabba Dabba Doo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's me on the left, Jeff on the far right and our
good friend Noel Blanc in the middle mugging for
the camera as Bugs gets ready to take the shot!
(L to R) Dan, Bill Dana, Jeff
(L to R) Jeff, Eddie Carroll, Dan
(L to R) Jeff, Chuck McCann, Dan
(L to R) Dan, Corinne "Speed Racer" Orr, Jeff
Bob Hastings on the left and me on the right
And here is a blast from the past. It's from 1991
when my wife Charlene and I visited with Noel Blanc.