The Magic of Selling is
available for purchase

The Magic of Selling:
A Treasure Map for the Future
Successful Salesperson
 by Dan Hollis
 (book and cd)   

The purpose of this book is to assist those
who are considering or just getting started
in sales and want a head start on what
they need to do to be successful. It is
also intended for the enjoyment of
experienced salespeople to see what areas
they can improve upon.

From the Back Cover:
To Sell:
• to persuade (transfer confidence to)
another to recognize the worth or
desirability of something
• to offer for sale; deal (in), handle,
market, merchandise, trade, vend for
money or its equivalent

You can have a great product, but if you
can’t sell it, it goes nowhere and you won’t
make a living.

You can have an average product, but if
you can market it well, you can become

We’ll explore…
• How to know how to sell to someone
within the first few minutes of meeting
them: the search for clues
• Why it’s important to be a good listener
• Why building credibility and trust is       
• Why having product knowledge and a good
personality will win them over
• How to overcome objections
• Why the questions you’re asked and how
you respond may lead to the sale
• Why it’s all about mindset
• And a whole lot more
Hello out there in internet land...
Professionally speaking, I've been in sales my
entire life and it's something I am very
passionate about! It has always been a dream
of mine to write a book about this passion and
share it with the world. I guess eventually
everyone wants to develop things that add to
there legacy and really
contribute something of
value. I am proud of this book as it was a true
labor of love. I am convinced that it will help
YOU become a better salesperson. Rather than
saying to your self at some point: "I wish I
knew when I was younger what I know now"
why not learn some of those pearls of wisdom
NOW with
The Magic of Selling.

I am also available for consulting with YOUR
sales staff on training and improving their
selling techniques. Perhaps you have recently
hired sales folks that are new to the
profession of selling. Let me work with them
and watch as they get ahead faster - produce
results for you quicker. I welcome your
--Dan Hollis - author of "
The Magic of
"     email:
"I was very impressed with Dan's book and CD. He is obviously someone who knows
about selling and knows how to teach it. In his 65 pages, he has distilled some great
wisdom. I wish him the best of luck with
The Magic of Selling."
--Roger Dawson - November 2008

(Roger Dawson is one of the country’s leading experts in the art of negotiating and
Success Magazine calls “America’s premier business negotiator.” He is author of
the enormously successful  
Secrets of Power Negotiating, one of his many best selling
books and he operates the Power Negotiating Institute.)
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MY "Big 4" in selling:
  • Truly believing in your product or service

  • Having the product knowledge you need
    on a day to day basis

  • Handling objections effectively and
    gaining trust

  • Relating to all kinds of people